A while ago I had been looking at the prospect of getting a mirrorless camera as a lighter weight option for travel. There are many times when I want to make sure I have a camera with me but don’t want or need to pack along a heavier Nikon body and the lenses and gear that goes with it.

After some serious thought and consideration (and looking closely at my budget at the time) I finally made a decision and pulled the trigger on purchasing a new Sony a6000. It was by no means a way to replace my DSLR, but I figured for its (relatively) inexpensive price it would get me foot in the door into Sony’s revered mirrorless line of cameras, and if I liked it enough, I could expand and upgrade from there.

So far it’s been a bit of an adjustment, as I do have a serious love for my Nikons, but overall I’m pretty impressed with the quality that this little cam can provide! But I wanted to put it to the ultimate low light test see how good it could really handle my love for astrophotography.

So, after reading reviews and advice from other users (especially those from Lonely Speck), I went and picked myself up a Rokinon 12mm f/2.0, and went out for a night.

The Result

I headed out the farm yard of a good family friend of ours that has this amazing collection of old vehicles and spent a few hours playing out in the dark. Now I admit, this shot is not perfect and comes in a bit below my regular acceptance level for noise, however, I do not want to blame the camera alone. In retrospect, I should have taken a few more shots and stacked them in post production along with the necessary dark frames to minimize the noise. That being said, I am now motivated to go back out and re-try this shot to not only better my technique, but to bring my Nikon along as well and create a side by side comparison between the two.

In the end, however, for an entry level mirrorless unit, the Sony a6000 blew my mind in its ability to capture the night sky at the level and quality as it did! I can’t wait to try this little guy out on my next real travel adventure away from home and am even toying with the idea of upgrading as soon as Sony sorts out its infamous ‘star eater’ firmware issue.

Saskatchewan Landscape Photography

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